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Welcome to Night Critters Play Website !

Thank you for visiting. This is the companion site for the children’s bedtime short story book Night Critters Play. Here you will read about the author, Esseboe Kwami Nyamidie and the illustrator, Pamela B. Christiansen. You will find resources and ideas that will help you to teach your child to be curious about the natural world. We hope you will come back for the weekly games.

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And if you have not yet bought a copy, here is the link. The games and reviews will make more sense to you.

Latest Posts

Third Day

Devouring silence lingers here now, this strong enemy we fight back as we tune in to hear you faintly on a new channel in our hearts

NCP Weekly Game 2

Week two. Game for Kids Some critters play in grass, water or in trees. Can you tell where each critter plays? Click here to play.


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