Third Day

For Michele by Esseboe Kwami Nyamidie

I am making the bed alone in a long time.

I kept it the way you last designed it

The brown orange sheet with four elephants around an eight-petal flower in place.

You were a walking body of pain

who mowed the grass,

watered the plants,

and did the laundry

because you said staying active brought you some relief.

I rarely did the laundry.

But today I placed some dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Today, I went out and came back home for the first time in a while

without you being there.

You often would cut your calls short when I came back.

“He’s here, DeeDee, I need to talk to him.”

And you told me all that happened to you that day.

Devouring silence lingers here now,

this strong enemy we fight back

as we tune in to hear 

you faintly on a new channel

in our hearts 

in our wakeful dreams

there where we dare 

to vanquish the ravaging foe

with hopes that you will offer us

a sneak preview of coming adventures 

on which we, too, will, sooner or later or someday, 


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