Meet Pamela B. Christiansen, The Illustrator

Pamela B. Christiansen, Illustrator of Night Critters Play.
Pamela B. Christiansen, Illustrator

Pamela B. Christiansen is an accomplished artist in a variety of media. The diversity of textures, colors and shapes in the physical world inspire her drawings, prints, fabric designs, and book illustrations. She is influenced by an eclectic group of artists, from aboriginal to cubists, art deco to Indonesian textile designers.

She explored the animal themes of Night Critters Play through a printmaking technique called monotype.  Monotyping is a technique that generally yields only one good impression from preparing a plate and running it through a printmaking press one or many times. Monotypes are prized because of their unique textural qualities. They are made by drawing on glass or a smooth plate with printer’s ink.

Christiansen’s interest in the visual arts started early in her life.  She pursued her art education at the State University of California Northridge, University of Hawaii and through extensive world travels.

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